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Warranty Coverage

Warranty period: From the date of shipment, the projector host (including laser light source and lens, but excluding lamps, accessories, options, consumables, etc.) shall be subject to the warranty period promised in the contract or 20000 hours (whichever comes first), the lamps warranty shall be 6 months or 600 hours (whichever comes first), the remote controller (except batteries) warranty shall be 1 month, and the optional parts (such as Wireless network interface controller, etc.) warranty shall be 3 months.

Warranty responsibility: except for the following conditions that are not within the coverage of warranty, the product or component cannot work normally due to its own quality problems and non-human reasons.

Warranty content: Replacement within warranty (replacement can be made in case of warranty liability failure within five working days from the date of arrival of the goods), return within warranty (return can be made in case of three or more times of optical components, light source and motherboard warranty repair in three months from the date of arrival of the goods), and repair within warranty (within the warranty period, the manufacturer's standard shall be used to free maintenance of warranty liability faults), free ordinary dust removal (excluding deep cleaning such as optical parts or light source dust removal), but door-to-door maintenance or on-site service shall not be provided free of charge, and the disassembly or round-trip delivery expenses shall not be borne.

The service promised by the agent and the service of the additional configuration and gifts shall be provided by the agent seller.

All above is valid in China except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. C&M reserves the right of final interpretation within the law.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty

  • The valid invoice cannot be presented, or the invoice is altered, or the invoice is inconsistent with the product.
  • The brand, model, serial number and other labels pasted on the product are damaged, missing or illegible.
  • Failure to operate in accordance with the requirements of the product instructions, and failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, storage or use of the product.
  • Failure or damage caused by repair, modification and disassembly at non designated maintenance providers.
  • Failure or damage caused by disassembly, modification or repair without the permission of the manufacturer.
  • Natural attenuation or loss of optical components (i.e. LCD panel, DMD imaging chip, lens, prism, etc.), light sources (i.e. laser, lamp, LED, etc.), lens, etc., and replacement or renewal.
  • Failure or damage caused by the use of components not configured by the original factory.
  • Damage caused by environmental factors (Such as smoke, oil, fog or air quality inferior to the second level limit specified in GB3095-2012 Ambient air quality standard), improper use and irresistible factors.
  • CD media, filter screen, wire, backpack and other accessories and parts.
  • Failure or damage caused by the use of non genuine software.

Service Centre

The Nationwide service is the responsibility of the agent which you purchase the projectors from. If the agent cannot provide the service, please call 400-931-5899.

Service time: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 17:30 p.m

Contact information during non working hours or legal holidays: , we will contact you within the first working day after receiving your email.

Notes on the use of projector products

  • Please pay attention to the voltage nominal value, ground wire and polarity of the power supply. The projector and its connecting equipment should be well grounded.
  • When using, please connect the signal cable of the projector first, and then turn on the power supply of the projector and its connected equipment.
  • Please do not plug in or unplug the power supply and signal line when the projector in using.
  • Keep ventilation and ventilation away from direct sunlight and dust.
  • Please remember: do not cut off the power supply or unplug the power plug of the projector when the cooling fan is still running during use or after shutdown, otherwise the service life of the projector will be reduced.
  • Please do not disassemble by yourself. Be careful of high pressure, scald, high temperature and laser exposure.
  • Do not use corrosive cleaner, solvent or wax to clean projector and lens.
  • When the projector is not in use, the power supply should be cut off, and attention should be paid to the dust-proof and moisture-proof storage environment.
  • If you find that the projector works abnormally, please do not continue to use it, and contact the agent for consultation or send it for repair and testing.