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Laser 3-chip LCD projector



Display technology : 3-chip LCD (1.00 inch)
Brightness: : 19,100 ISO lumens
Contrast ratio : 3,000,000:1 (Dynamic mode)
Resolution : 1920 x 1200(WUXGA)

     C&M UEC series laser projector adopts RGB 3-chip LCD projection technology, which effectively uses light source to reduce light loss. It has the characteristics of high brightness efficiency, large color space, energy saving and environmental protection.
     Compared with other projection technologies, the use of 3-chip LCD projection technology enables C&M UEC series projectors to project high color brightness, clear, bright and gorgeous images, without color overflow and rainbow phenomenon, which can make viewing more comfortable.


New laser source technology

C&M UEC series laser projector uses a new laser light source, with laser optics and cooling design, making this new product light, convenient and quiet, and longer light source life..

High contrast: 3000000:1

The high contrast ratio of 3000000 to 1 can show the delicacy of the picture and the details of the contrast between light and shade, which brings the user a wonderful feeling of being in the scene.

High resolution: WUXGA

WUXGA (1920x1200 pixels) can present full HD video images. Even if it is projected on a large screen, it can still maintain clear and vivid details, bringing users a vibrant visual experience.

More flexible: Vertical + Horizontal + Six corner correction

supports ±30°vertical and ±30°horizontal trapezoidal correction, as well as four corner correction, support pillow and barrel correction additionally for convenient and flexible installation.

All directions: 360 degree projection

UEC series projectors support 360 degree omni-directional projection, and users can easily realize their creativity.

Long life: 20,000 hours

UEC series uses the 4th generation fluorescent laser source, the service life can reach 20,000 hours, fully meet the standard, give users peace of mind.

More balanced: High brightness + Wide gamut

Color management of C&M comes from more than ten years of R&D experience. It is a color management technology specially applied to projection display. At the same time, thanks to the characteristics of high spectrum and wide color gamut of laser light source, UEC series can not only ensure abundant brightness output, but also have rich color performance, so as to achieve the effect of brightness and color balance.

4K: Support 4K ultra high definition input

4 times higher than 1080p ultra high definition 4K resolution, with millisecond visibility and rich details.

Proprietary sealed structure

Sealed and dustproof design, eliminating maintenance and replacement of filter screens. More time-saving and labor-saving, enjoying worry free.

Optional lens


Projection type Laser 3-chip LCD projector
Display technology 3-chip LCD (1.00 inch)
Brightness 19,100 ISO lumens
Resolution ratio 1,920x1,200(WUXGA)
Contrast ratio 3,000,000:1 (Dynamic mode)
Aspect ratio Supports 16:10,16:9, 4:3
Light source Laser diode
Light source lifetime 20,000H(Normal)/30,000(ECO)
Optical lens shift H:±25%(MAX), V:±65%(MAX)
Lens type electric zoom; electric focusing
Image size 60-500 inches (diagonal)
Geometric correction V: ±30°;H:±30°;Pillow / barrel correction; Six angle geometric correction; Grid image correction
Inputs HDMI(1.4B Compatible) x2 ; DVI-D x1; HD-BaseT(Compatible) x1; RGB combination (D-sub 15 pin) x1; USB(B) Display ×1; Mini jack 3.5mm audio (VGA / DVI-D shared) x1
Outputs HDMI(1.4B Compatible) ×1; Mini jack 3.5mm audio x1
Control Serial port (D-sub 9 pin, RS232) x2(in + out); RJ45(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) x1; Mini jack 3.5mm stereo(Input for wired control) x1; Mini jack 3.5mm stereo(Output for wired control loop) x1; DMX512 x1
Other interfaces USB-A x1; LAN(Network)x1(Shared)
Internet of Things(IoT) Crestron RoomView (Compatible); AMX Discovery (Compatible); PJ Link (Compatible)
Scanning frequency V:24~85Hz;H:15~100KHz
Video input 480i; 480p; 576i; 576p; 720p; 1080i;1080p
Image mode Dynamic, Standard, Cinema, Color board, DICOM, Blackboard (Green)
Edge blending Yes
Automatic function INPUT SEARCH;AUTO PC;Automatic hoisting detection
Electronic zoom 1~33 times
360 degree projection Yes
Heat dissipation mode Air cooling
Shutdown heat dissipation mode 0 seconds shutdown; 30 seconds shutdown; normal shutdown
High sea level model Yes (0~3650m)
Noise level 46dB(Standard mode); 43dB(ECO1 mode); 41dB(ECO2 mode)
Power requirements 100~240V@ 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1150W(Peak); 1000W(Standard mode); 825W(ECO1); 580W(ECO2)
Standby power <0.5W
Operational ambient Temperature 5℃ ~ 50℃; Humidity 20%~80%(No condensation)
Storage ambient Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃; Humidity 20%~80%(No condensation)
Net weight About 29 kg (without lens)
Dimensions (WxLxH) 599mm × 493mm × 240mm(without lens)
Shipping weight from factory TBC
Shipping dimensions from factory TBC
Certification CCC; CECP; CEL
*For 3-chip LCD technology, please refer to
**The above is only an offer invitation, and the contract is the only way of commitment.

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